More races!

I’ve been neglecting my poor new blog, let’s see if I can get this back on track! I’ve done several races since my last blog post and have been generally happy with how each of them went.

Warrior Dash

I was really nervous about the obstacles in this race, particularly ones like “Horizontal Hike” which looked like they would trigger my fear of heights. As it turns out, the obstacles are not nearly as tough as they look on the website, the majority of them are actually really easy in fact. There was one or two that was somewhat challenging, but really, the obstacles were not an issue.

The actual trail turned out to be the problem, which is the part that I was not at all worried about, since it was only 5K. It was extremely hilly, rocky, and I found it difficult to keep my footing much of the time. I did actually roll my ankle once, but was able to walk it off and get going again.

All in all, the event was a blast and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

Riley’s Run 5K

This was my first 5K race since Blaze through the Zoo, I finished that one in 29:55, which I was quite disappointed with at the time. This race went much better, I finished it in 25:54, which was a new PR and a huge improvement over the zoo run! This race had a very steep hill toward the end, so that made me even happier with my time on this race. It was also a very fun, well-organized event that was for a great cause, I’m really happy I was there to participate!

Blaze the Night 5K

This race was a week after Riley’s Run and my first evening race. Even though the race started out at 8:30, it was still really hot, which made the run more difficult. Thankfully this one was fairly flat, a heat and hill combination would have been really rough! I made a mistake by not taking any water from the water stops, I don’t normally need any water on a 5K, but with the heat, I really should have this time. The last mile was really difficult, I was super thirsty and more than once thought I might actually throw up, which was a horrifying thought at the time! That didn’t happen though, I made it across the finish line and downed a couple of bottles of water and then felt great!

Despite my hydration issue, I finished this one in 25:34, beating my time from the last race by 21 seconds and setting another PR for myself! I was tired before the race started and had to stop and walk a couple of times in the final mile, so this was a huge surprise to me! Although it makes me wonder how much better I could have done had I grabbed some water, which I think would have prevented the walking in the final mile.

All in all, another great event that I’m glad I didn’t miss!

Route 66 Marathon

I’ve decided that the Route 66 Marathon in November is going to be my first marathon! I’ve already signed up and found a training schedule that I think will work well for me. It doesn’t start for a few weeks, so in the meantime I’m just doing my normal weekly miles, but I’m really excited to get started with the marathon training!


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