Oro Momentum 2016

Oro is an interesting company that I have been watching for a few years now. The company leadership is comprised of the original founders of Magento, as well as other key people from Magento. There is an impressive track record here and a solid vision for the B2B space that makes this a company everyone should be paying attention to.

The company I work for is a client of Oro, they have done contract work for us through their MageCore agency and we are in the processing of adopting OroCRM. Given that and my interest in the company, I was happy to be able to attend the Oro Momentum event and learn more about what they are doing in the future.

The event started with presentations by Yoav Kutner, Roy Rubin, and Dima Soroka, they talked about the history of the company, the future of their platform, and general trends in the B2B space.

The Oro Platform is an open source business application platform that provides a solid foundation of components that most business applications would need. It includes a well designed UI, user management, roles, a calendar, workflow management, and a lot more. There is a surprising amount of functionality provided “out of the box” and they are actively working to improve the platform.

Anyone that is planning to build an open source B2B application should seriously consider using OroPlatform as their platform. There are already a few companies building applications on the OroPlatform, two of which spoke at Oro Momentum.

akeneo1The first of these presentations was from Frédéric de Gombert of Akeneo. Akeneo is a PIM application that is built on the OroPlatform. We use Akeneo at Petra and it’s a great product with a bright future. Outside of Oro themselves, Akeneo is clearly doing the most with the platform right now.

marelloThe next presentation was from Falco van der Maden of Marello. Marello is building an ERP on the Oro Platform. Falco discussed their road map and planned features, they are hoping for a stable release by the end of the year. There is a massive opportunity here, it will be interesting to see if Marello can capitalize on that and deliver a great open source ERP solution.

Jary Carter, a co-founder of Oro, talked about OroCRM. OroCRM is, of course, built on the OroPlatform and has been on the market for two years now. A couple of their customers shared success stories from their own OroCRM implementations. Aside from the product, which is great, the pricing model is surprisingly simple for a B2B application. It’s a per user pricing that is exactly the same for either the downloadable version you install on your own server or the hosted SaaS version that Oro offers.

The next product shown was OroCommerce, the new B2B eCommerce application being developed by Oro. This is a particularity exciting product, there is not currently an open source eCommerce system that is designed with the unique needs of B2B companies in mind. The demo shown was very impressive and I’m excited to see how this product develops over time. I’m planning to write another blog post with more in depth thoughts and impressions about OroCommerce.

Oro packed a ton of content into a four hour window for this event. There was also a presentation from PayPal and AppTerra. AppTerra is building an EDI integration for OroCommerce.

That’s a quick run down of most of the topics discussed at Oro Momentum. I thought this was a very successful event for Oro and I look forward to seeing what their next event will be.